Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hotel Iberostar Varadero, the Best 5-Star Hotel on the Bluest Beach

For the would-be traveler it is a matter of course to always desire to learn of the best places to visit, to know which sites offer the best options or which hotels might prove the better accommodation in order to render a trip truly memorable. In that regard, we would like to do our best to shed light on the prevailing panorama, if you have set your sights on a vacation at the beach.

If your budget allows for a stay at a 5-star hotel and therefore benefit from all the rewards such a decision entails, be sure that the best of these options lies, without a shred of doubt, in the Hotel Iberostar Varadero. We make this assertion not just based on our own experiences, but also by taking into account the opinions expressed by the visitors to this hotel atTrip Advisor, a renowned website where travelers routinely post reviews of their own travel experiences.

Varadero Beach is recognized as being among the most beautiful beaches in the world and the Iberostar hotel chain has sought to put at the disposal of the visitor to the famed seaside resort its entrepreneurial expertise in the tourism industry. The Iberostar Varadero Hotel is a modern complex of over 300 rooms equipped with all sort of amenities so that at the end of your stay you may fully describe your beachside vacations as marvelous.

Let's start by listing the hotel's strong points, which are not few so we will be pressed for space.

One of the amenities the traveler always considers a must, is the assurance of having a fine room that allows a proper rest after an animated day spent vacationing at the beach. Well, the Iberostar Varadero can surely boast of the comfort that theirs have to offer. The cleaning service is impeccable in each and every one, and they are also very well served and comfortably laid out. Of the fine and modern bathrooms we would highlight the convenient independence of the shower area and the tub, a feature not often found in the other hotels of its kind. Also of extraordinary appeal to the visiting tourist are the balconies present in every room of the hotel due to the delightful views to be enjoyed from them.

Excellent gastronomy at the hotel

The variety and quality of the meals is always another issue of great concern to the traveler. As it happens that won't be a problem either at the Iberostar Varadero, quite the contrary, the opinions in this regard always emphasize its excellence. The hotel has a Buffet restaurant, which counts as its main restaurant, as well as three others specializing in Japanese, Mediterranean and Cuban food. For these last three, remember that you should reserve each day in advance so that you have the choice of sampling the ample variety of plates on offer, all elaborated holding to the highest standards of world class quality. Variety is not a quality reserved just for the theme restaurants, there is a more than generous stock at your disposal at the buffet. An extra detail: breakfast at the Hotel Iberostar Varadero begins early in the day and so they manage to guarantee service even at dawn for tourists setting out in the early morning hours.

The hotel guarantees your suntan

The beach strip adjacent to the Iberostar Hotel within the beautiful Varadero is naturally another of its main assets. Boasting the finest sand, its nice and picturesque spots of shade and the turquoise colors of the sea will render your stay a true paradise. The stretch of sand allotted to the Iberostar Varadero is in truth not one of the largest at the seaside resort, just around 15 meters wide, although you do have the advantage of not having to walk over so many meters of hot sand to take a plunge into the warm waters of the beach. For those feeling so content at the beach in Varadero and as a result have a hard time leaving the beach spot to head back to the hotel to eat, there exists the option of savoring the light snacks prepared at the cafeteria located right next to the beach strip, where they also offer a plentiful service of cocktails to make your sea bathing even more pleasurable. If your stay at Iberostar Varadero hotel is prolonged enough, it is very likely that you might enjoy yet another option at the beach, since it will coincide with the farewell parties held at nights that the hotel's recreation department organize the from time to time. And they're a real "blast", as they say.

If you're not a beach fan and would rather bronze yourself under the Cuban sun at a swimming pool, bear in mind that the hotel has this essential well covered too, since its immense pool will allow you to enjoy your sunbathing at leisure without being disturbed by the number of people present doing the same; you will never feel cramped in by others, seeing as there is plenty of space for all. The pool area's design is very charming, as the photographs attached to this post can perfectly corroborate. So much so, that the pool is habitually one of the most publicized features on the Internet, whenever the hotel gets mention. There is an excellent and very well stocked pool-bar at hand. A word of advice: if you choose to go to the swimming pool don't take too long in doing so because it is likely that if you arrive too late you won't find any spots in the shade. At these sort of hotels it is impossible to guarantee shade for all.

Aside from comfort, the hotel also provides permanent enjoyment.

But regardless of all the virtues we have already stated, we have yet to point out the one that really makes the Iberostar Varadero the best 5-star hotel of this Cuban seaside resort: its recreation activities and the attention provided by its staff.

In the evenings you won't need to leave the hotel to seek entertainment because the shows presented at La Rumba, one of the best night clubs in the whole tourist resort, are fabulous, with genuine super-productions featuring live bands playing music on stage, displaying an excellent dance spectacle and all else that a true cabaret show entails. You can also have a great time at the discotheque where DJ Dairon always manages to have the latest dance music in the world at the tip of his fingers, so as to have you dub as unforgettable every one of the nights you pass at the Hotel Iberostar Varadero.

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